Tablets and e-readers can be seen at libraries, coffee shops, and beaches everywhere. The people have spoken, and it’s clear that they love the convenience and portability of eBooks. As proof, eBook sales continue to rise, as marketers and publishers everywhere are scrambling to adapt.

The good news is that marketing eBooks is a lot like marketing regular books, with a focus on online strategies—because would an eBook lover really look anywhere else? Here are the new book marketing strategies every publisher should live by:

Know Your Audience in Advance

Before the selling begins, the publisher and digital marketing company should figure out who the audience is for the book. This applies to both nonfiction and fiction books. Once a targeted audience is figured out, then it’s time to go where these people are and start interacting (online forums, social media groups, etc.). Spend time getting to know these people and build relationships with them. Then, when the book is released, there will be a readymade audience anxious to buy it.

Give Your Book Away

The single most effective new book marketing technique can be summed up in three words: word of mouth. When people enjoy a book, they tell other people about it, and those people tell their friends, and so on and so forth. So your goal should be to get your book in the hands of as many people as possible—yes, this means giving it away for free (the Amazon KDP Select program is an easy way to do this). It may seem counterproductive, but these freebies will continue to pay you back for years—as long as your book is worthy of the talk, of course.

Set Your Book Up as a Brand

What do you do when you are setting up a digital marketing strategy for a new company? You create a new website and social media profiles, right? Well, marketing eBooks is no different. Your book is your brand. Fill your website with engaging content that interests your target audience and be active on your social media accounts. Make sure to focus on entertaining your fans and not pushing your book. As long as you have the branding of your book on all of your accounts, your fans will figure it out.

Gather the Masses

Another effective new book marketing technique is to rally up your fans, family, and anyone else who will listen, and get them to all buy your eBook on Amazon on a certain day within a certain time frame. Why? Because this will boost your book to number one within your category (HINT: They even have a free top sellers list, so you can do this without making anyone pay), and once you achieve that coveted number one spot, you can forever brag about it.

Even though it may seem like uncharted territory, new book marketing is not that much different than the old ways of marketing, just with a technology twist. As long as you spread the word about your eBook amongst people who actually care about your topic, then you are sure to see consistent sales for years to come.

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