Consumers Take the (Not Fake) Truth Seriously

Consumers Take the (Not Fake) Truth Seriously

Throughout the course of the last year or so, we’ve heard the accusations (and felt the reverberations) of “fake news.” Political chaos notwithstanding, the specter of “fake news,” however you define it, has cast its shadow beyond the realm of partisanism and into the space of branding and marketing.

“Fake news” has tingled the collective spidey sense of consumers with regard to brands that proffer superficial marketing speak (AKA baloney). And in this climate of truth verses “truthiness,” your brand strategy needs to include some serious thinking about how it defines and then portrays itself.

In other words, make sure you consider what is authentic about what you’re marketing and then reflect it in every aspect of how you market it. And if your brand proposition is aspirational, ensure you’re prepared to deliver your promise in actual ways, which means: no spin, no smoke and no mirrors.

Because in this era of entrenched misrepresentation and potential mistrust, a “good product” just might not be enough to sell. Customers — and employees — now expect more corporate responsibility and accountability to determine if they are authentically and genuinely tied to the brand.

A recent study revealed that 91 percent of consumers expect companies to behave more responsibly than just making a profit; they also want companies to operate responsibly and to address social and environmental issues. Eighty-four percent said they sought responsible products whenever possible and 90 percent said they’d boycott a company if they learned of irresponsible or deceptive business practices.

The truth is out there, and your customers will buy it.

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