Google’s December 2020 Core Update: An SEO Holiday Carol

It’s the Most Volatile Update of the Year

It’s the most volatile update of the year

With keyword rankings sure changing

And every SEO saying “no worries; no fear” 😅

Oh yes, that’s three massive updates this year

You’ll either rise, rise in the SERP or fall

With gains or declines of 10 

To over 100%, it’s sure a tough call

Whether this update really is great for all

With a holiday release 

Curtailing our mind’s good peace

And what several marketers will fight

There’ll be a bigger importance

On building your brand’s presence

Beyond what you have on your site

It’s the most volatile update of the year

There’ll be much position changing

Some say as much as three times as in May of this year

(It’s times like this we’re thankful for good beer)

If it’s a small site you’re hosting

Don’t worry about roasting

The chance of negative impact is low

But if your website is large

Then you better take charge

And call Rebel to help your site grow

Because it’s the most volatile update of the year

Focus on building trust

With your audience you must, or face your worst fears

It’s the most volatile update of the year

Yes, the most volatile update of the year

Oh yes, thank, thank you Google

For the tears

Authored by:

Jenny Haskins

Manager, Content & SEO

Manager of content & SEO Jenny Haskins is certainly strategic: she writes and edits content for social media, email campaigns, display ads, text ads and more, and tailors her writing...Read More

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