Re-envisioning Manufacturing

Re-envisioning Manufacturing

What comes to mind when you picture manufacturing jobs? Grease, sweat, welders, tools, blisters and assembly lines? Picture this instead: robots, technology, computer programing and 3D printing.

Thanks to industry rebels such as Voodoo Manufacturing in Brooklyn, NY, manufacturing has changed, and for the most part these stereotypical images are no longer accurate.

Industry rebels are people or companies that disrupt in a positive way, and Voodoo Manufacturing does just that. Jim Allen, director of manufacturing at Voodoo, attributes the company’s success to taking a rebellious approach to traditional manufacturing by focusing on employee job training and skills development.

As U.S. manufacturing jobs emerge, Voodoo’s approach will be one others will look to for inspiration as a new paradigm of industry comes into play. Increased technology in manufacturing companies will be be a pivot point for companies to learn how to leverage those technologies to create more jobs.

In a recent CNN Money article, Voodoo’s Allen said: “We’re printing different products every day… It’s something that’s going to require critical thinking skills that a person has and a robot doesn’t.” Because while robots are hard at work doing the manual labor, more employees are freed to tackle and accomplish the more creative job opportunities and responsibilities.

Rebels chip away at the wall before anyone else even knows it exists. And in true Rebel (we’re talking about ourselves) fashion, Voodoo is doing just that by teaming up with home Improvement giant Lowe’s to create a new space called on-demand manufacturing. Lowe’s is calling the program “Lowe’s Bespoke Designs,” and the plan includes unique, on-site, 3D-printed customer customization for myriad products and features.

We Rebels believe industry disruptions lead to revolutionary ideas, and that’s exactly what’s happening with 3D printing and American manufacturing. We will be keeping a watchful eye on this sector, and we’ll keep you posted not only on their progress but on that of others.

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