Influencer & Partnership Specialist Emily Griffin is a true creative at heart. Her extensive experience in film production and theater has fostered unique problem-solving skills that are essential in the everyday grind at Rebel. Emily closely manages paid media projects, ensuring everything is on track for our clients, and keeps the office entertained with her theater-kid antics. 

Emily’s interest in theater extends beyond just the performance, she also has experience on the production side. She’s spent time working in journalism, film, and public relations. When asked her favorite theater performance, “I love Good Morning Baltimore by Hairspray. It’s also my go-to karaoke song.” (Now that’s a performance we’d watch.)  

Here’s a fun fact about Emily: she’s the belle of any ball and enjoys organizing parties for her friends. From murder mystery and Lady Gaga dinners to karaoke and dance parties, Emily is an expert in planning a good party. (We hope we’ll be on the invite list next time!) 

Despite her party-planning-process, Emily should never be put in charge of the food, so she says. Her favorite food is ketchup, and while that seems normal enough, she’s notorious for adding it to every dish imaginable. When asked about this obsession, she says, “I have been dared many times to drink a shot of straight ketchup to prove my love for it, and I have done it!” (Needless to say, if she ever offers you a shot glass at a party, do not take it!)