Tech architect Kyle Sheldon sees himself “bringing more innovation to Rebel by making processes lean and efficient.”

Shel — as we refer to him to reduce “Other Kyle” syndrome at Rebel — is a self-proclaimed “hands-on person” who likes to figure things out himself. Because, he says: “If I can make it myself, I usually do.”

He’s also an artisanal soap-maker (hence the DIY assertion above), as well as a dedicated BMX rider who used to build jumps in the woods near his house when he was growing up. He still does his share of riding, and uses it as an outlet, the importance of which he’s understanding more as he gets older. Riding, he says, “forces me into the moment, very similar to meditation but a lot easier for me to achieve.” 

These days, Shel says, meditation-while-riding might be easier, but recovery from a fall takes considerably longer: when he falls now, he’s down for a month rather than for only 15 minutes.