Pinterest is (Probably) Better Late Than Never to the Influencer Game

The Pinterest Open API & What It Means Between The Lines

When it comes to monetization of social channels, Pinterest isn’t necessarily the first that comes to mind. With Facebook dominating the news cycle (for better or worse) and Snapchat’s stock fluctuating on what feels like a weekly basis and Twitter, well, doing its best — it’s easy to overlook the “still targeting keywords” and “look, we’re so proud to finally have analytics” of Pinterest.

Slow and steady (can sometimes even in digital) win[s] the race

Pinterest has always been a powerhouse on the organic front. Boasting a respectable audience of 250 million people, Pinterest boards and pins can actually rank for organic keywords inside the natural SERP. Not too shabby.

They also watch what’s going on in the industry and don’t rush headlong into the trap of “we have all this data — lets make it public and let everyone use it” (cough, Facebook, cough); they slowly spool out interesting (but general) audience insights and data points such as categories and interest, age and gender. Pretty innocuous, but useful.

Where Pinterest really falls flat, however, is if using some of their coolest features as a business, you have to be on extremely specific platforms (looking at you, Buyable Pins for Ecommerce). A specialized blue button helps your pin stand out? Cool. Sell your product natively on Pinterest without making the user leave the site? Incredible! Only be able to integrate if you’re on Shopify or BigCommerce OR if you’re a specially identified partner such as Nordstrom? Well, that’s not great, though we get it. APIs are tricky and you want to give your audience a good experience, first and foremost.

But enough about our personal vendetta against buyable pins.

Pinterest Catching Up With The Times

Earlier this week, Pinterest made a crucial decision. They “opened their content marketing API to third-party influencer marketing platforms to help brands and influencers collaborate more effectively and create exciting new things on Pinterest.

This is big news for Pinterest. Think about it: as influencer marketing becomes more and more popular, influencer marketing companies like IZEA have continued to grow. Influencer marketing is really really huge. And until this point, Pinterest has been kept out of the limelight (inaccessible, really) to this entire market because of its closed API. Will there be kinks they have to work out? Sure. But Rebel rolls with the punches and will be ready to hit back with answers to any questions you may have regarding the topic (boxing bell: “ding, ding!”).

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