Public Relations

Public relations is a dynamic, fluid, and, in this digital age, slightly nebulous process. But it’s really all about flexible strategies and tactics — and knowing the space you inhabit. It just so happens the digital space is our proverbial wheelhouse, and we know how to get noticed here.  

Our strategic team has decades of combined experience in literary, corporate, athletic, and digital public relations, as well in community management, specialized content creation, influencer campaigns, media outreach, event work and social media.

And our content creation team recognizes and understands trends and, and perhaps most critically, nimbly capitalizes on them instantly with successful outcomes in the most critical outlets.  

You’ve built your brand from the ground up. We have nothing but respect and awe for you, and now we want to help to improve it. So, whether you’re creating (or recreating) a brand or building (or rebuilding) your image, Rebels are your champions.

Please allow us to flex some of our PR muscles at you. Our PR services include:

Community Management

Rebel’s community managers combine strategic and social expertise, project management, conversation skills, and brand ambassadorship, and we focus on engagement, content, metrics, and monitoring. We find and target audiences where they eat, sip latte, breathe, and live, and reach them with content they want to see.

Content and Creative Strategy

We deliver relevant, shareable content, optimized in real time, designed to achieve business goals by maximizing reach and engagement. Smart content strategy is an essential tool in reaching the right audience and by fostering emotional connections creatively and memorably.

Development and Production

We have extensive experience building sites, from campaign landing pages to enterprise-level corporate sites and almost everything in between. We bring interdisciplinary business analysts, UX experts, designers, writers, and technologists together to recommend and craft bespoke solutions for your goals.

Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is essentially the art of connecting emotion with action; it encourages discovery and offers unique solutions. Rebels create memorable interactions that connect brands with audiences, activate communities, and encourage deep social engagement through both digital and physical environments.

Influencer Campaigns

Influencer marketing focuses on using key leaders to drive your brand’s message to the larger market. Rather than marketing directly to a large group of consumers via a 30-second spot or a 20-foot billboard, you instead inspire/hire/pay influencers — celebrities, bloggers, or anyone with an impressive social following — to get your word out for you. This is a growing market whose returns can yield big success.

Insights and Analytics

We measure brand performance across paid, earned, and owned channels. This approach — it’s now known as “holistic” — allows us to track and optimize marketing efforts, from the content level, to campaign performance, and broader brand initiatives.

Mobile Strategy

Mobile technology isn’t only about people walking around with cell phones. Mobile strategy means having an in depth understanding of mobile lifestyles in the context of the people who matter to you and to your brand. Our strategic approach examines behaviors before recommending any tactics, whether it’s SMS integration, rethinking customer experience, or benchmarking against competitors. Then we execute the strategy that will enable the most successful outcome for your brand.

Paid Media

Traditional TV, radio and print ads aren’t dead, but for some businesses, they’re verging on irrelevant. Today, digital and social platforms are critical components of every media buy. And for good reasons: unmatched targeting capabilities, flexibility, responsiveness, reach, and efficiency. We find the right audiences at the right time to deliver compelling, engaging content that promotes awareness, builds advocacy and motivates consumers to take action.


Search helps brands understand how their potential customers are seeking out content — and solutions. Rebel’s search engine marketing efforts have helped clients reduce their cost per acquisition and grow businesses with effective targeting and messaging.

Social Business

Social media has disrupted business models and democratized industries. Rebel’s methodology helps organizations of all types and sizes navigate social at scale. Our approach includes global and local organization design, policy and governance, cultural assessments, technology/platform assessment, and training.

But wait! There’s more. We also:

  • Leverage social trends for brand development
  • Engage in active social listening/monitoring
  • Are great at event planning
  • Are equally adept at traditional and digital public relations

Because it’s not about being the loudest. It’s about saying things that matter most to those who are listening.