Activate your Brand With Rebel

When you think about branding services, you probably think of some “creative” branding agency that’s all aphorisms and no results. On some level, every business understands that brand matters, but nailing down what the brand is and what it means is another matter entirely.

We’re Rebels, though. And the way we think about brand activation is not at all what you’re expecting.

Taking advantage of your brand positioning

All businesses have some kind of positioning relative to their competition, but making the most of your positional advantage requires a little rebellion. Our branding team starts by listening to your story, your points of difference, and most importantly, your passions. Then, we distill those learnings into action items and deliverables including:

  • Brand value propositions
  • Target audience personas
  • Messaging pillars
  • Brand promise

Understanding your positioning and finding opportunities to grow your brand are the first components of an effective marketing strategy. And we look at your business from every angle to make that happen.

Defining your brand identity

What makes you tick? What drives you to do what you do every day? We believe your brand doesn’t start with your product: it starts with you, and that's what we mean when we talk about brand identity.

Depending on where you are in the process of developing your brand, we weigh in on naming, tone, voice, personality, and look and feel to capture your brand identity. In the process, we coordinate with our expert copywriters, designers, and developers to define and bring to life a stronger brand.

Creating compelling brand content

As you create content, you need a well-defined, consistent brand strategy throughout your channels. Rebel doesn’t just zero in on one project; we zoom out on the big picture and make sure your brand is integrated across all your content. That includes branded content within your marketing strategy, content strategy, technical strategy, website, email, print advertising, and social media. No matter where customers encounter your brand, they should have a consistent experience.

Speaking of which…

Delivering the brand experience

You might think of your brand as something that’s primarily for your customers, but it starts with your internal team. Once we define your brand positioning, identity, and content, we roll it out to your team with internal brand education, which means everything from infusing your brand throughout your internal systems to planning and executing team-building events. We even bring your HR team to the table, and they always love us for it: a strong internal brand experience helps with recruitment, performance, and retention.

Your employees are the face of your brand, and getting them invested is the first step toward delivering a great brand experience. It continues at the customer level with your pre-sale, sale, and post-sale processes; brand promise events and day-to-day customer service.

Remember, people now interact with brands on their own terms — there are no captive audiences anymore. The way to build your brand and engage customers is to deliver a memorable, engaging experience.

At every stage, we turn your brand objectives into measurable goals with quantifiable results. Branding shouldn’t be ephemeral: it’s the very foundation of your conversion strategy.

Ready to put some rebellion in your brand?

There’s only one way for brands to win in today’s market: stand out, think differently, and take advantage of every opportunity. If you’re in the mood to win, contact us today to talk brand activation.

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