Web Development

Developing Websites That Are An Extension Of You

Building a website for your brand is more than just the marriage of beautiful design and well-written code. It’s building an engine that accomplishes your business goals through functionality and user experience. 

We’ve got the technical skills to do it. To name a few, our team are experts in PHP, .NET, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Ajax, XML, SQL, WordPress, Drupal, SharePoint, Sitecore, Umbraco, Kentico, Jekyll and the rest of the Jamstack, Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Volusion, WooCommerce and more. Our experts work with you directly to create a custom website that not only accomplished your goals, but is also search engine-friendly and easy to use. 

We also create systems integration, custom APIs, intranets, and portals. And we can dissect whatever custom, proprietary or legacy system you use to make your vision happen. It’s one thing to have a whole bunch of tools in your toolbox but quite another to know which one to pick for a certain task.

We’re not just WordPress developers or PHP website developers; we’re holistic thinkers who take your objectives into account and make the right recommendation. If you have a tool you want us to use, that’s a great starting point; if you have an objective in mind, that’s even better. We work together to choose the proper technology. We also have experience in ADA & WCAG compliance to ensure your website passes accessibility guidelines.

Rebel defines, integrates, and embraces tech into everything we do. This is why we are expert web developers that realize your project quickly, efficiently, and proficiently. 

Site Build, Maintenance & Operations Services include:

  • Vendor Evaluation & Selection (Open Source, Licensed)
  • Technical Architecture/Design
  • Technical Environment Planning and Web Hosting
  • Workflow Analysis/Development
  • Site Build
  • Presentation Layer Development
  • Database Development
  • CMS Architecture/Development
  • QA/Testing
  • Country/Regional Localization
  • Site Maintenance/Operations
  • Site Content/Functionality Updates
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Site and CMS Migrations

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