2018 is the year of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

In order to meet the demands of today’s complex search landscape — and connect with more qualified consumers — marketing strategists need to create campaigns that treat SEO and PPC as a unified entity as opposed to looking at them as separate disciplines. Here are some examples of how unification can help move the needle measurably for your business.

SERP Real Estate
Dominating organic and paid search results will increase traffic and give the impression you’re an established presence in a particular market. Google has determined that even when advertisers show up as the first organic result for a keyword, 50 percent of the clicks they get on ads are not replaced by clicks on organic results when those ads aren’t present.

Quality Score
Without having an SEO optimized site, your PPC ads will be more expensive — and you won’t reach as many people as you could. In AdWords terms, “Quality Score” combines several factors, among them webpage quality, content relevance, load time and click-through rate. Your quality score is equally as important as bidding competitively in an auction for the top spot on Google.

Research Relevance
SEO is a long term strategy but the research you do for your website can be applied to your paid strategy. Do you not rank organically for certain keywords? Are there certain keywords you don’t rank organically that you’d actually like to rank organically? While you optimize your site for those terms, you can utilize those keywords in a PPC campaign to ensure you still reach your target consumer.

Follow Your Consumer
Consider combining SEO with remarketing — a form of PPC — in order to bring visitors back to your site to complete their purchase or for conversion at a later time. The majority of consumers do not make a buying decision on the spot, so raising brand awareness through the buying process is critical to win conversions.

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