Tourism & Economic Development

Rebel specializes in tourism and destination marketing and has helped organizations focused on attracting and retaining new businesses, employees, and residents.

We are passionate about developing brands and strategic campaign planning for destinations and organizations affiliated with tourism and economic development. In addition, we particularly understand the benefits and challenges unique to marketing in New England, and how to speak to niche audiences.

Rebel understands the challenges and opportunities that impact tourism and business development in today’s competitive marketplace. In order for a destination to establish itself in the minds of both consumers and businesses, it must first establish its brand. A strong, unified brand voice along with messaging and positioning, are key when raising overall awareness, driving tourism, and growing business development.


“Rebel Interactive brings a professional team to the dance and helps their clients push the envelope in the space they participate in, supported with analytics that provides essential feedback to measure success.”

– Steve Ciskowski, Lyman Orchards


Focusing on economic development and new workforces is a must in several key areas in order to ensure that an organization becomes and remains a competitive place for jobs, capital, and talent. These priorities include: creating a climate for job creation and infrastructure investment; recruiting, retaining, developing and engaging a diverse and talented pool of employees and entrepreneurs; promoting stability and growth of key state industries along with supporting small business expansion in these sectors; and effectively promoting the state’s key assets. A state must build campaigns and marketing initiatives around these core priorities in order to stay competitive in the near and short term.

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